Dr. Rishi Dubey
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Message from the Dean- Faculty of Commerce & Management

At SGT University-FCAM, Academia and Students work together to create a unique learning community. The department has a strong learning library resource centre, which allows access to intellect from varied resources. The Academia is known for its commitment towards teaching along with shouldering responsibilities to strengthen the FCAM, Academic Administration and Industry/ Research collaborations. The Faculty of Commerce & Management is profoundly sensitive towards capability enhancement of the students and thereby focuses on building Talent, Attitude, Skills and Knowledge (TASK).

Creating an enabling environment to learn, share and care with our students’ community is the key motto of FCAM. Loyalty, Enthusiasm, Energy, Adaption and Development (LEEAD) forms a special part of our work culture and student community.

Today, higher and professional education is much more than just aspiring for a career, job or fulfilling managerial aspirations. With in-depth coverage of the syllabus with the latest inputs from industry aided with technology and innovation, FCAM is constantly striving to develop a new generation talent pool to meet the requirements of the industry and society.

FCAM thrives on equipping the students with requisite training on business propositions, research insights, knowledge & skills and enhancement of self-management proficiencies to make an impact on business, industry and society. The University is committed to contribute to the organisation’s values and society with varied multi-disciplinary courses.

As part of knowledge sharing exercises that cement the collaborative efforts, our alumni have great ideas for research projects and consulting relationships and a reality check for new theories and emerging concepts that we transmit to our students.

We look forward to building on the successes gained in the past by our prestigious SGT University and constantly working towards making a positive difference to students, alumni and business and also to our own academia.

It is a privilege to welcome you all.

Best wishes
Dr. Rishi Dubey
Dean, FCAM
SGT University

Admissions Open 2022 - 23