FCM –  List of Faculty Awardees


Name of full time faculty Year of Award PAN Designation Name of the award, fellowship, received from Government or recognised bodies Incentive given by the HEI in recognition of the award Link of the relevant documents
Dr. K Tara Shankar 2013 AQJPS8740A Dean- FCM Second prize at International conference ABS, Noida
Dr. K Tara Shankar 2013 AQJPS8740A Dean- FCM Third Prize for Doctoral thesis presentation in BIT International conclave 2013
Dr. Sumit Kumar 2013- 2017 CCIPK8260Q Assistant Professor UGC fellowship during Ph.D.
Ms. Renuka 2015 DNBPS6000K Assistant Professor Gold Medalist at PG level (MBA)
Ms. Manisha 2013 – 17 BERPM8499F Assistant Professor JRF
Ms. Jyoti 2013-14 BUNPJ0014M Assistant Professor First Ranker In Under GraduateCourse
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